Who am I? I’m an  Online Business Manager & Creative Consultant. I my friend am the person that is here to help you reclaim your sanity and help you run your business smoothly – not let it run you! Female entrepreneurs and creatives are fierce and deserve to thrive! Consider me your “right hand woman” who is going to keep you from being overwhelmed and help you find the time you need to thrive!

Oh…that’s right….you wanted to actually know more about ME. Well – current city = Tulsa by way of Atlanta.  I’m known as a “crazy cat lady” (my cats have their own Instagram account), social media freak, chocolate lover and drinker of waaaaay too much coffee (my local Starbucks knows my order by heart).  Sophia Amaroso is one of my superheroes, I can’t go a day without listening to music, I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and consider myself to be an extrovert with great introvert qualities.

Intrigued yet? Well – let’s schedule a call!