Who am I?


Creative Weirdo + Organization Nerd all in one person.

Blogging super hero sidekick who will keep you organized, on track, in touch with your audience and who wants to help you grow your blogging business leaps and bounds – while keeping your sanity!

  Organization master who will keep you from “drowning” and get you back on track!

Social media nerd that will get to know your business and “brand voice” as well as you do and learn to speak expertly to and engage with your audience

Your “right hand woman”  and “partner in crime” who is going cheer you on, celebrate your successes with you and help you find the time you need to thrive!


Oh…that’s right….you wanted to actually know more about ME

 Current city = Tulsa by way of Atlanta.  

I’m a proud “crazy cat lady”

Music nerd

Wine lover

Chocolate lover

Drinker of way too much coffee 

I can’t go a day without listening to music

Huge sci-fi nerd

Extrovert with great introvert qualities.

Intrigued yet? Well – let’s schedule a call!